Ode To My Mother

ODE TO MY MOTHER With Mother’s Day around the corner, I can’t help but reflect upon the ways in which my mother has impacted my life. She has imprinted upon me with her candor, charisma and so much more. My mother loved horses and always brought my sister and I to these exquisite beings. One afternoon in Germany, I was playing at an inside horse arena and I found an 18k gold anklet in .

Birth + Death = Everyday Life




Birth + Death = Everyday Life

We’re always constantly dealing with duality, whether we know it or not. I had an experience this week that brought it to the forefront of my mind and I wanted to share it with you:

I had the joy of spending sacred time with one of my closest girlfriends and her new baby. When we said our goodbyes, my heart was filled with such joy and peace. I started heading back to the westside. As I casually cruised onto the on-ramp of the 405, this car whipped around as if he was driving in the Fast and the Furious. Next thing I know, the not so sweet sound of metal-on-metal jolted my entire being. Low-and-behold, it side swiped my car. I got out ready to converse with this young man.

What I found most interesting, was that he let me know that he was heading to a funeral. Whereas I had just come from a place of joy celebrating a new life. This was quite a paradox. My energy was effected by his chaotic and defensive way of being and I was most certainly blindsided by the event that had just occurred. I had gone from being grounded and centered to feeling unrooted and scattered within a moment.

Nevertheless, I continued to the shop. I’ve always considered it my sanctuary. The minute I walked in, I found solace. I felt a heaviness lift off my chest and instinctually, I felt called towards very specific crystals and a beautiful floral remedy–the Five-Flower formula that is incredibly helpful with stress and trauma.
Next, I found myself drawn to Black Tourmaline covered with Mica, which I then held to my solar-plexus. After which, I sat down on our 400 lbs Rose Quartz resting the soles of my feet against its welcoming surface. I felt a peace and calm wash over my entire being. Black Tourmaline with Mica is very grounding, protective and when it’s covered in Mica, it returns negativity to its source with the lessons needed to be learned. Rose Quartz is one of the most harmonizing and heart healing crystals. I also had a sore neck from the impact, so I took a Selinte wand and held it to my neck, which literally took the pain away.

I’ve always believed and experienced crystals as energetic mobilizers and healers and getting to experience this so profoundly this week was a gift and a confirmation of these treasures of the earth.
In cases of trauma, crystals and gemstones can serve to smooth-out and balance one’s energy. Taking a few moments to sit quietly and breathe with a couple choice crystals can refocus one’s mind, body and spirit entirely.

This experience has gotten me to reflect upon people going through major trauma and difficult situations in life–specific problems in terms of health crises: PTSD or anything else that may impact one’s life on a deep level.

Crystals are here to help–they’re just waiting in anticipation to serve and share their gifts with others. If anyone is experiencing any kind of challenge or just need a little extra support, give a crystal a chance.



Die Aktualität und Stellenwert der Rechtsunterstützung im zeitgemäßen Leben

Neuartige Sozialstruktur hat eine solche Betriebsamkeitsgrad erreicht, in denen ist es verzichtet, ohne Rechtssupervision unprofessionell ist. Neue Einrichtung werden geschaffen, alte – werden gestrichen, Firma – reorganisiert. Die Personen erstehen und liquidieren kontinuierlich, vermieten und mieten, registrieren ihre Eigentumsrechte und den Zwiegespräch, schaffen Darlehene an. Die Volk herstellen Ertrag von Immobilien aus, übergeben in das Erbe, schaffen eine Vollziehungsbefehl von Belegen, bescheinigen sie. All dies ist eng mit der Können und Einverständnis der einschlägigen .

Sweet Dreams are made of this


Set Yourself up for Sleeping Success:
The Sleeping Necklace will support you in creating healthy sleeping patterns and will help reset your body for drifting off into a deep slumber.
Your Sleep Necklace contains Lepidolite and Pink Tourmaline. Lepidolite has a strong relaxing, balancing, and claiming effect, while it also supports dreaming. It relaxes the mind. It contains lithium which is soothing to the nervous system. Pink Tourmaline is a very special stone of love, joy and happiness. It promotes sleep and relaxation. Pink Tourmaline will assist you in feeling more at ease. Brzd ni schopnost . It also supports self love.

Tips For Creating A Restful Night Sleep:
Creating a bed time ritual will help transform your sleeping habits.
At least a one hour before bed turn off all computers, televisions, wifi, and cell phones, this is important because EMFs are known to be disruptive to sleeping patterns.
Then dim the lights, which lets your body know it is time to rest.
Take a warm bath placing 10 drops of lavender oil into the tub.
Soak for 20 minutes.
After your bath, put your Sleep necklace on and continue your nightly ritual.
Head off to bed where you can either wear your necklace, hang it by your bedside, or tuck it under your pillow.

Repeat this nightly until it becomes part of your natural routine. Repetition restructures patterns and will transform your resting life.